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Novembre 2014

Heide and Cécile

Report on our Italy lecture tour, October 2014

We, Heide and Cécile, are back home from our 17-days-lecture tour in Italy, which was a wonderful trip. We travelled from one beautiful city to the next and met good old friends and good new friends. Best news is that Matriarchal Studies is spreading in Italy like a storm.

At first, we met the philosopher Anna in Verona, who showed us this beautiful place at the river Adige/Etsch. We enjoyed to be with her and the friends of her philosophical circle, who attended Heide’s evening lecture. 50 persons participated, most of them academic people, and a high standard discussion arose.

The next event was a matriarchy conference in Pistoia, close to Firenze/Florence. Michaela from the assoziatione Zie di Sofia was the organizer, and she did it so excellently, together with her friends, that 150 people attended, most of them young women. Parts of the conference took place at the university and parts in the city hall, and the vice-mayor, still a young woman, attended as well as a university professor of anthropology. Heide met again her friend Luciana from the publishing house Venexia, she also gave a speech. Other speeches were given by Cécile and the phsychologist Gulia. The atmosphere was great, many of the attendants were quite enthusiastic about this new field of knowledge, matriarchy. In Italy, it was at first spread by the beautiful films from Francesca Rosati about the Mosuo people, and she also presented at this conference.

After these two intense days, we travelled to Bolsena at the lake Bolsena, meeting a German friend, Sonja, at her quiet house in the open landscape, which gave us some rest. But rest was short, for we stayed here in the heart of the ancient Etruscan culture, so we could not help to be busy again with an excursion. It was exciting, and we were honored by the guidance of a scholar on Etruscan culture, Giovanni Feo, who showed us special places.

In Rome, we met our dear friend Genevieve, who also gave us rest in a nice apartment close to the picturesque quarter of Trastevere, and for some time we behaved like tourists, enjoing the sunshine, the colors, the nice corners, and the river Tevere/Tiber. At two days, we gave speeches at the “Casa Internazionale delle Donne”, and Cécile’s lecture on the basic concepts of matriarchal medicine was much appreciated by the women. They didn’t want to let her go at the end.

Early in the morning of the next day, we arrived in Bologna, where our old friends Sandra, Nicoletta, and Luisa had organized a conference on matriarchy. All of them excellent organizers, they also created a big event with 100 participants, starting in an official building of the city. In the afternoon, Cécile gave a much applauded speech among other speakers.

The second day was a full day for Heide, because she was teaching all day about matriarchal politics and gave new ideas in this field. The women understood her well, they were moved and happy and felt much encouraged to continue their feminist-matriarchal ways, in the end the emotions got just crazy. It was phantastic – and exhausting!

Next stop was in Milano, and in the morning we visited and climbed up the cathedral of Milano. Never before we were at the roof of a cathedral! We admired the marvellous stone mason work and sculptures on the top and looked down at the city. In the evening, Heide’s lecture was at the famous “Libreria delle Donne”, and one of the first who arrived there was the renown philosopher Luisa Muraro. About 50 persons attended, the room was full, and a very interesting discussion developed, to which Luisa contributed. We enjoyed the hospitality of the women of that place.

Torino/Turin was the next stop, we walked this splendid city with its many majestic buildings and went onto the river Po, trying to find out what means the “magic of Torino”. Morena explained it to us, she organized a big matriarchy conference in 2012 and invited us now again. The lecture in the evening was in a smaller, but very interested circle of people.

Our last stay was in Bolzano/Bozen close to the Dolomites, but those mountains perferred to disappear in dense clouds. Our friend Heidi welcomed us, she was for some time a student at the International Academy HAGIA, we know her for a long time. She organized this event so well that more than 100 people attended, always arriving more, that right to the finish the hall was too small. Some officials of Bolzano were present, femal vice-mayor, female councellor of the region, female representative of the Women’s Office of the town, and we got the impression that this city is mainly governed by women. At the end, we all sat on the central place drinking wine, eating pizza, talking and laughing until midnight.

Heide gave several interviews before and during the trip, some of them were even spread in mainstream newspapers. In that way, we tried to matriarchalize Italy, where many women and some men welcomed us in such a kind way! We admired the beauty of the cities, the buldings, the fruits and flowers at the market places in Rome and Torino, and the beauty of the Italian young women and men. Besides being beautiful they were really charming, always helping Cécile to improve her Italian vocabularly.

It was a great time in Italy, and many friends helped to make it possible. We send our heartfelt thanks to all of them! We hope the seeds of knowledge about matriarchal cultures, which we did spread during these days, will grow and flower in the minds and souls of the women and men. We think, this growing and flowering might easily happen in such a soft climate as it is in Italy!

Heide and Cécile

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